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Hayseed Trust - Who are we?

"Hayseed Trust is about aligning itself with local and national educational needs and strategies"

Hayseed Trust Incorporated began in 1982 at its present base in Napier. The vision of the Trust Deed is to provide education and employment opportunities for young people and to allow other charitable undertakings, such as providing similar services for adults.

Hayseed Trust’s mission is to:

Inspire all participants to achieve their potential in education, employment and life, by providing a safe and challenging learning environment.

The founders were community-minded people including a Department of Social Welfare social worker, who’s Department was at that time encouraging similar community initiatives around New Zealand.Much credit is due to the first trustees who, with the aid of a local solicitor, developed a durable, but flexible, Trust Deed. From the outset they developed a positive relationship with their key funding body, the Labour Department.

The first project was to establish an organic garden funded by the then Labour Department Work Skill Development Programme.In September 1984 Hayseed again became an innovator by setting up what was then known as a “remedial reading” programme for trainees on WSDP in the Napier and Hastings Districts. This was Hayseed’s first contact with, and the beginning of a long association with, the Adult Reading and Learning Assistance Association (ARLA).

The annual general meeting of 1984 records show that trainees were also being taken on visits to workplaces to help them become more aware of the expectations of real employers. To those actually involved, it seemed that Hayseed was something of a leader in the transformation of work schemes into vocational training programmes that was then taking place.

In 1985, the reading assistance programme was operating successfully with 30 students around the Napier district. 1986 saw the first of many changes in criteria that the organisation was to endure over the following years. The existing WSDP was replaced by the Training Assistance Programme (TAP), which was similar but had a greater educational emphasis.

A new TAP computing training programme was established, this was another innovative programme, the first of its kind in Hawke’s Bay. Within the Hayseed TAP programmes, it achieved over 80% placement of trainees in employment.

In the same year Hayseed staff, together with staff from the Hawkes Bay Polytechnic, completed a survey of the learning assistance needs of ACCESS students called ‘Literacy in Access’. The results of this contributed to a national survey of the same name. It showed that around half of the local ACCESS students had important literacy and numeracy learning needs.

In 1990 it became necessary for all second-chance training organisations to become registered and accredited with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority Hayseed was subsequently registered in August 1993 to become one of the very first.

In January 1999 the introduction of a youth-only programme targeting learners who must be 16 to 18 years old. It was named “Skills for Success”.

Today Hayseed Trust continues to deliver the National Certificate in Employment Skills and NCEA programs to youth in our community many with literacy and numeracy needs. The program is made up of three parts: Numeracy & Literacy, Life & Social Skills and finally Employment Skills. This course is a bridge to further learning or education.

Some practical skills we develop with our learners are:

Budgeting, Banking Services, Hire Purchases, Flatting, How to access Community Services, Tenancy agreements.

We invite groups like Napier Family Centre (support and counselling), Directions Youth Centre (drug and alcohol education), Hawke’s Bay District Health Board (health needs), Housing New Zealand.

We encourage the learners to have fun while you learn.

If you would like to know more about services Hayseed Trust provides, you can contact us here.